Where to engage in sports in Cagliari


In Cagliari, sports activities take place outdoors. In urban parks, enthusiasts of all levels exercise, run, or engage in stretching amidst the greenery. With 300 days of good weather per year, soccer, indoor soccer, and tennis are played in the sun even in December. Along the Poetto beach, sailboats, windsurfers, and canoes cut through the waves daily. On windy days, experienced surfers and kite practitioners provide a fascinating spectacle, while rough seas attract wave surf enthusiasts. The pedestrian and cycling path along the coast is popular among pedestrians, cyclists, and skaters. The wooded hills a few kilometers away offer routes suitable for cycling, mountain biking, and trekking, while numerous golf courses are found in the surrounding areas. Often, Cagliari and coastal locations serve as a backdrop for high-level sporting events, always offering a warm welcome and magnificent scenery.


It is one of Cagliari’s treasures: a long stretch of sand that extends for seven kilometers between a sea of intense blue color and the salt pans, painted with vivid red. Along the coast, there are small bars and kiosks where you can rent umbrellas and sun loungers. The waters are shallow, warm, and crystal clear. Small fish such as mullets and sea bream approach bathers without fear, searching for food in the sandy bottom. Sea birds, including cormorants and swallow-tailed gulls, soar, swim, and dive in search of fish.


For bicycle enthusiasts, Cagliari offers unparalleled pleasure. The city invites you to pedal, allowing you to choose between challenges on urban slopes or relaxing rides around the city along cycling paths. The Poetto waterfront is perfect for training on flat terrain, while mountain bike enthusiasts can tackle the stimulating routes of the Devil’s Saddle.

Enthusiasts of running and marathons can enjoy training in breathtaking scenery while breathing in the sea air. The Molentargius Park and the long stretch of road next to Poetto Beach offer kilometers of ideal routes. For those seeking a mix of ascents and descents, the parks of Monte Urpinu and Monte Claro are excellent options.

The constant presence of wind makes Cagliari a paradise for sailing and surfing enthusiasts. Every day, in every season, numerous vessels such as windsurfers, catamarans, and dinghies head from Poetto to the sea. Kitesurfers have their favorite beaches along the coast.

The Calamosca beach, in the heart of the city, is the ideal starting point for exciting excursions in our sea. In just a few meters, among the seagrass and rocks, you can spot schools of fish such as salps and mullets, as well as colorful reef fish like wrasse, blennies, and damselfish.

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