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Cagliari – the city at a glance

Cagliari has a way of making you feel instantly at ease. Maybe it’s the sparkling clear sea, framed by long strips of sand and green headlands. Or it’s the beautiful November days when you can go out in just a t-shirt. Or the casual walk through its streets that reveals a stunning jewel of remote or recent history.

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Published on: 13/06/2021  -  Filed under: Senza categoria

Cagliari in one day

One day to be captivated by Cagliari, to stroll through its cobbled historic districts, admire its Nuraghic-age findings, taste local specialties, absorb splendid views, dip your toes in the surf, have a close encounter with stately flamingos and watch the sunset as you sip a drink at a café on the bastions. Treat it as a taster, it will tempt you to come back.

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Published on: 19/01/2021  -  Filed under: Senza categoria

Cagliari in two days

Here are some ideas on what you absolutely must see if you have an extra day to visit Cagliari. The San Benedetto market, the old district of Villanova, the Early Christian Basilica of San Saturnino, the hill and the Basilica of Bonaria, the hidden cove of Calamosca and the small port of Marina Piccola, under the promontory of the Sella del Diavolo.

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Published on: 18/12/2020  -  Filed under: Senza categoria

Architecture and views of Cagliari

As you explore Cagliari, every place offers a different, fascinating view: as you lean on the
belvederes, walk down the tree-lined promenades, sip a drink at one of the open-air cafés on the bastioni. You can wander through the historic quarters’ narrow streets, where every wall is etched by time, admiring facades, stepping into small churches, and taking glimpses through open portals.

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Published on: 16/11/2020  -  Filed under: Senza categoria