The city at a glance


“Every time I come to Cagliari, I would like to write a letter to declare my love for this city. It is one of those places with such a strong personality that returning here regenerates me as when I go back home” (Tiziano Ferro).

Cagliari is one of the most popular cities in the center of the Mediterranean sea. It may be because it is modern, organized and efficient or because it faces a beautiful sea. In Cagliari you immediately feel at home because the cuisine is very good and because you can catch the spirit of an European city, elegant, cultured and lively that promotes digital innovation and leaves room for young people.

The train connects the airport with the center. The old town, the gardens and the parks are very well kept. The roads are well organized and the city traffic is flowing. The streets are full of cafè, restaurants and shops, ideal for shoping lovers.  Cagliari is enchanting city, which makes you want to live there, while you visit it.


The old town has four districts: in the center there is Castello on a hill. Around there are the districts of Stampace, Marina and Villanova. The ancient city overlooks the port of Cagliari and can be easily explored on foot. From our Guesthouse A View on Cagliari you arrive in the center in 5 minutes on foot.


Cagliari has seven hills, like Rome or Istanbul. Each hill in the city represents a district: Castello is the best known for its history; Sant’Elia is the most loved by Cagliari for the nature; Monte Urpinu and Monte Claro are frequented by sportsmen and families for public parks; San Michele has a medieval castle of the thirteenth century; Tuvixeddu has an incredible Punic necropolis and finally Bonaria has the monumental Cemetery, the Basilica and the Park.


A few minutes by bus from the city center is Poetto, an immense and beautiful city beach with over 8 kilometers of coastline between Cagliari and Quartu Sant’Elena: soft sand, blue sea, relaxation, fun and sport. In front of the Poetto, there is the Molentargius-Saline Natural Park: a complex of ponds populated by beautiful pink flamingos.


The inhabitants of Cagliari are about 150,000. The metropolitan area, which includes 15 municipalities, has about 420,000 inhabitants.


Il clima è mediterraneo, con inverni miti ed estati calde e soleggiate. Il vento soffia spesso e mitiga il caldo estivo.


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