Festivals and traditions of Cagliari

Religion in Cagliari is deeply felt. The procession of Sant’Efisio, held on May 1st to honour a solemn vow made four centuries ago, involves the whole city and the faithful from throughout the island. The rites of Easter Week, culminating with the joyous and moving S’Incontru (The Meeting), take the old historic quarters back in time. In the museum of the Sanctuary of Bonaria dozens of ex voto paintings give thanks to the Virgin for her protection in times of danger, both on land and sea.

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Entertainment and shopping in Cagliari

Out and about, a casual stroll through the city, perhaps just to take a look at shop windows and passers-by. Or heading to a specific venue to see a show, listen to music or take part in cultural festivals. In Cagliari you can do all of the above in an unhurried, pleasant way. Take a stroll through the shopping streets, discover the workshops of artisans or the small outlets of young designers.

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