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As you explore Cagliari, every place offers a different, fascinating view: as you lean on the belvederes, walk down the tree-lined promenades, sip a drink at one of the open-air cafés on the bastioni. You can wander through the historic quarters’ narrow streets, where every wall is etched by time, admiring facades, stepping into small churches, and taking glimpses through open portals. You can admire the city from the towers, the hills or the panoramic terraces. You will see the red tiled roofs of the narrow, long houses, set in close-knit ranks, and the domes of the churches, the tracery of the streets, the flower-decked roof terraces, the handkerchief-sized gardens enclosed by walls. You get a feel of why the city was born here, in a sheltered harbour, flanked by two coastal wetlands teeming with fish.

The Castello district

Castello is perched on a hill, its sides reinforced by massive white limestone walls. The hill is long and narrow: its front end is the Bastione di Saint Remy, looking towards the sea, while the rear, occupied by the former Arsenal, faces the vast plain. For centuries, Castello was the seat of the ruling class. It’s best explored on foot, savouring the narrow streets, with finely restored houses standing side by side with the ruined facades of noble palaces still bearing the scars of World War II. The bastioni, lined with cafés and restaurants, are one of the main centres of the city’s evening and night life.

4 points for viewing Cagliari

The two Pisan towers
The tower of the Elephant and that of San Pancrazio were built in the early 1300s. They are built of stone blocks, with the side looking inward open showing the wooden floors and stairs. The views of the city from the top of both are magnificent.

The Castle of San Michele
This medieval fortress is surrounded by a moat and stands at the centre of a large park. It was built at the time of the Giudicati and remained in military use up to a few decades ago. It has since been restored and now hosts cultural events.

The Rampart of Saint Remy
This is the city’s most spectacular Piazza. A vast panoramic terrace with bars and a view spanning the historic districts, the hills, the whole Gulf and the wetlands.

The Buoncammino promenade
In one of the city’s high points, it looks out westwards over the Santa Gilla lagoon and the Capoterra mountains beyond. A perfect place to admire the sunset.

Heritage Days Monumenti Aperti

For a whole weekend each spring Cagliari and the neighbouring towns celebrate their historical and art heritage by opening all the major historic buildings and sites to visitors. They include the Punic necropolis of Tuvixeddu, small churches, libraries, and the WWII underground shelters.


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