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I have gambled everything on tourism services
«I have a degree in Mathematics, with Information Technology specialization, and I am deeply in love with the city of Cagliari and with Sardinia. I left an excellent job as a marketing director of an Information Technology Company to focus myself to my passions: hospitality and services to eco-friendly tourism.
Since to 2017, I have been managing A View on Cagliari, with Bed & Breakfast services, with love and enthusiasm. My guests appreciate my welcoming and the attentions I give to every single detail.
When I was a child, with my family, we used to bicycle along nature trails, a few kilometers from the city center.
I still remember that my father always recommended me to breathe deeply the sea air because it would be good for my health. We used to ride to the Poetto beach, or along paths with a breathtaking view of the Gulf of Cagliari, up to the sandy and pebble beach of Calamosca, enclosed in an enchanting bay in a crystal clear sea. Each time I experienced unique moments that over the years have always remained in my heart. A few years ago I bought an e-bike and started going around the city where cycle paths had been opened.
So I got the right input to start a new business. In 2018 I bought some Mountain Bikes and City Bikes with pedal assistance, and I founded Scopri Cagliari which organizes excursions with electric bicycles along the roads and the nature trails of the city. »


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